Make Up Air & HVAC Products

Make up and and HVAC products

Nauset Engineering offers air make-up units to meet the HVAC needs of facilities in a broad range of industries. Designed for optimum performance, our air make-up units provide heated make-up air for a variety of applications. Air makeup units benefit work environments in a variety of ways:

  • Provide fresh air to facilities
  • Make atmosphere more comfortable and cleaner
  • Ward off negative building pressure
  • Comply with code requirements

Some ideal environments for makeup air systems include:

  • Buildings that accommodate large concentrations of people
  • Manufacturing facilities that house industrial processes
  • Commercial kitchen ventilation systems
  • Environments with forced air exhaust systems

Sizes and capabilities of air makeup units vary. Nauset Engineering provides a host of options, and assists clients in designing the best air makeup system to meet application needs and budget.

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