Industrial Dust, Mist & Fume Collectors

Environmental pollution control is a critical aspect of industrial facility management for reasons ranging from protecting the health and safety of your workers to assuring the proper function of your equipment and machinery. Besides being a threat to the earth’s environment, air pollution poses serious problems for the indoor environment of your facility. Nauset Engineering has extensive experience and expertise in developing proven, low cost, energy efficient pollution solutions to remove sub-micron particulate, oil mist, condensed fumes, sticky/wet particulate, smoke, odors and other emissions. Nauset Engineering represents some of the most well-known and trusted manufacturers of filtration equipment in the industry with a proven track record of reliability and consistent performance in a wide variety of applications and demanding environments.

SG duct fume collector

Industrial Dust Collectors – Industrial dust collection requirements are met with a number of products including cartridge dust collectors, downdraft tables, cyclones, baghouse dust collectors, environmental control booths, indexing fine particulate filters, and industrial HEPA filter units.

Industrial Mist Collectors – Industrial mist collectors are required where machining oils and coolants in industrial environments can cause unhealthy air quality and slippery floors. Besides the obvious work hazards, these uncollected mists can build up on machinery and electrical equipment causing equipment downtime and maintenance.

Weld Smoke Collectors – Dangerous fumes generated in industrial environments must be controlled to avert health risks. Weld smoke collectors clean the air and protect workers from inhaling toxic elements emitted by manufacturing operations.

Wet Scrubbers – Fume, Dust, Odor, and Wet scrubbers safeguard environments and in-plant air quality from potentially harmful fumes emitted by numerous industrial operations.

Industrial Fume Collectors – Industrial fume collectors provide critical and reliable, high-performance weld fume extraction protecting workers’ breathing zones in industrial environments.

Replacement Air Filters – All industrial dust collection systems require periodic replacement of the air filters to ensure both optimal equipment performance and efficient filtration of harmful airborne particulates.

The Nauset Engineering team is ready to discuss your specific application requirements and will create a industrial air system to meet all of your needs. Contact us or call 508-339-2662 today.