Wet Scrubbers

To assure the safety of your employees and to achieve optimal plant efficiency, it is necessary to implement measures to contain gas phase contaminants, including acid gases, odors, VOC’s, and other chemical vapors and aerosols that may occur as a result of many laboratory, plant, and manufacturing operations.

Wet scrubbers

Nauset Engineering provides wet scrubbers for the effective collection of gas phase contaminants, odors, VOC’s and particulate. We offer you the most reliable and cost effective solutions to meet your operational requirements.

  • Fume, Gas and Particulate Scrubbers
    Fume, gas, odor and particulate wet scrubbers will economically treat large volumes of process air, accommodating virtually all types of chemistry and particulate.
  • Gas Purification Scrubbers
    APC GP Gas Purification wet scrubbers are applied where removal of fine particulate from corrosive, hazardous or volatile gas streams is required. Venturi scrubbers wash dust and particles out of the air by forcing the air into a spray chamber, where fine water particles cause the dust to drop from the air stream. Where applied, venturi scrubber technology is able to achieve the highest particulate collection efficiency of any wet scrubbing system.

The Nauset Engineering team will work with you to develop a wet scrubber application that will economically treat large to small volumes of process air, accommodating virtually all types of chemistry. Contact or call us at 508-339-2662 today!