Industrial Fume Collectors

Fume collector

Industrial fume collectors are an essential safety component in a vast range of processes such as welding, grinding, brazing, sanding, laser marking and cutting, processing rubber and plastic, as well as high-speed machining. Fume collectors provide effective collection of both wet and dry smoke and fumes, making them vital not only for workers’ safety, but also for optimal plant efficiency.

Nauset Engineering is equipped and experience to assist you by developing the right fume collector solution to meet your needs. We partner with industry experts to bring you a variety of fume collection solutions:

  • Extraction Arms to collect fumes at the source
  • Portable and Stationary Filtration Units for fume, smoke, mist, and dust collection

The Nauset Engineering team will work with you to meet your specific application needs with a customized fume collector solution. Contact us or call 508-339-2662 today to discuss your application.