Sound Enclosure

Sound enclosures are a highly effective means for controlling industrial noise in industrial environments. Often used create a quiet area in loud manufacturing environments, a sound enclosure may also be installed to contain and absorb sound around a particular noise source. Typical sound enclosure applications may include:

  • Factory floor offices
  • Process enclosures
  • Facility dividers
  • Movable screens
  • Machinery enclosure
  • Engine housing
  • Compressor/pump/fan enclosures

A flexible curtain sound enclosure provides efficient sound control as well as benefits such as:

  • Cost effectiveness – compared with metal enclosures
  • Easy assembly – no special installation required
  • Flexibility – movable and reusable
  • Durability – with chemical and oil resistance
  • Fire safety – with low smoke configurations

Another effective type of sound enclosure is a metal enclosure. Rigid metal sound enclosures are available with options such as:

  • Roof systems
  • Double or single seal doors
  • Observation windows
  • Louvers and ventilators
  • Access panels
  • Custom cut-outs for existing equipment

Nauset Engineering offers all types of sound enclosure systems as well as air curtain systems for energy efficiency. We can help you to determine the best sound enclosure option to suit your needs and facility. Contact us to discuss your noise control needs. Call 508-339-2662 today!