Fan Silencers

A variety of industrial fans are used extensively in today’s industrial facilities, generating excessive amounts of noise, and creating a variety of health and safety problems. Fan silencers address these issues, keeping facilities in compliance with regulations concerning noise. Nauset Engineering will work with you, considering a variety of factors in addressing your specific fan needs and facility requirements:

  • Meeting environmental noise regulations and industrial health and safety requirements
  • Space restrictions
  • Maintaining air flow by minimizing pressure loss through the silencer
  • Materials of construction specific to application
  • Accessories including rain hoods, transitions, support brackets, filters and flow measuring devices

Often, industrial applications require inlet and outlet fan silencers in order to comply with OSHA standards and local noise ordinances. Continuous exposure requires environments of no more than 90 dBA to avoid hearing damage, while conversation requires 80 dBA or less.

We offer a variety of fan silencers and noise reduction methods to meet every application need. Contact Nauset Engineering to discuss your fan silencer needs. Call 508-339-2662 today!