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Nauset Engineering can assist you in making your work environment safer with industrial smoke collectors and weld fume collectors.

Industrial welders are in continuous contact with potentially hazardous weld fumes and gases. Weld processes such as shielded metal arc, gas, and resistance welding and flux-cored arc welding produce various types of hazardous small particulate chemical compounds. Dangers include:

  • Weld smoke fume that is made up of 30 to 80 percent submicron-sized particles. These fumes remain in the air and are inhaled unless a reliable weld smoke collector is utilized.
  • Hazardous gases, which can be produced during welding, especially with stainless steel. The gas emitted from welding stainless steel is Hexavalent Chromium, also known as Cr (VI). OSHA Standard 29 CFR1910.1026 sets the allowable exposure limit (PEL) for Cr (VI) at 5 µg/m3

Reliable Industrial Smoke Collectors to Improve Safety

Both portable and stationary, industrial weld smoke collectors are used to collect welding fumes before they reach your welder’s breathing zone. If multiple operators/welders are working simultaneously, a central collection system can be installed, which involves the remote installation of a cartridge dust collector and flexible fume exhauster arms with hoods that are mounted at each welding station.

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