Wall Fans

Also known as panel fans, wall fans are used for industrial ventilation applications, exhausting contaminated or hot air away from equipment and areas where people are working. Nauset Engineering offers a variety of wall fans developed by industry leading manufacturers. Wall fan selection is based on a number of factors including:

Wall fan
  • Size of the area to be ventilated
  • Composition of the air being moved
  • Existing ductwork and ventilation systems

Wall fans are implemented to improve air quality in facilities that include:

  • Welding areas
  • Spray painting booths
  • Dip tank areas
  • Ovens, dryers or kilns

When contaminated or hot air is exhausted, a system to supply fresh replacement air must also be incorporated. Wall fans come in both supply and exhaust configurations. The Nauset Engineering team will provide a total assessment of your application, environment, and needs. We will assist you in selecting a complete system to employ with your wall fans.

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