Industrial Blowers

Nauset Engineering has designed systems for a variety of facilities and industries, and work with the best names in industrial blower equipment. As a specialist in air moving applications and equipment, we have a thorough understanding of industrial blower technology.

Compared with a fan, a blower can achieve a much higher rate of static pressure. Industrial blowers are used in general HVAC and industrial applications such as spray booth exhaust, material conveying, air pollution control and numerous industrial processes. In specifying the right industrial blower equipment to meet your needs, you must consider factors such as:

  • Static pressure through the entire system
  • Required airflow through the blower
  • Suction pressure at the blower inlet and outlet
  • Operating altitude of the blower
  • Material or fumes present

Industrial blowers and exhaust fans do not differ significantly from their non-industrial counterparts, in terms of basic operation. The main characteristics that merit industrial grade in fans and blowers are heavy duty construction and materials, as well as the gauges used. The Nauset team will assist you in working through all considerations in developing an industrial blower application that best addresses your needs. We will provide you with the most advanced industrial blowers from the leading manufacturers.

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