We’re a Leading Supplier of High Temperature Fans

Nauset Engineering offers a variety of industrial high-temperature fans from industry-leading manufacturers. High-temperature blower fans are used for optimal performance in high-temperature conditions up to 1000 degrees F, and can withstand temperatures of 1500 degrees F and higher. These fans are developed from heat resistant materials to provide optimal performance in high temperatures and highly corrosive environments.

Applications of Industrial High Temperature Fans

High-temperature fans are used in applications such as:

industrial high temperature fans
  • Air cooling and recirculation around kilns, dryers, ovens and furnaces
  • Exhausting gases and fumes resulting from various processes
  • Air flow for industrial heating and drying operations

Features & Design Options

Nauset Engineering provides an excellent selection of standard industrial high temperature fans, in addition to custom fans developed especially for customer applications. High heat fan features and design options include:

  • Continuous weld housings, special bracing, and supports to allow for thermal expansion
  • High temperature and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Non-insulated heavy duty fans with a high heat option
  • Completely insulated housings for free-standing fans, with three, six, eight or more inches of insulation, per application requirements

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