Axial Fans

Also known as duct fans are designed to handle a wide variety of applications. Mounting flexibility within the ductwork make axial fans an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial applications such as paint spray booths, oven exhaust, tunnel exhaust/supply, general ventilation and process air supply. Belt and direct drive models are available with numerous propeller options to meet specific application requirements such as spark resistant cast aluminum, fabricated steel and all types of stainless steel. Performance capacities range to 250,000 CFM at 12″ wg. Typical types of industrial axial fans include:

Axial fan
  • Tubeaxial fans
  • Vaneaxial fans
  • Panel axial fans
  • Air circulator axial fans
  • Industrial exhaust axial fans
  • Personnel cooler axial fans

Propeller types may include:

  • Fixed pitch
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Reversible

Nauset Engineering’s team has developed a wide range of axial fan applications for equipment cooling, ventilation, work environment cooling, fume exhausting and more. Contact Nauset Engineering to discuss your axial fan needs. Call 508-339-2662 today!