The Proof is in the Filters: Unsurpassed Performance & Value of ProTura® Nanofiber from United Air Specialists

ProTura Nanofiber filters from UASAre your replacement filter costs too high? Are you changing your filters more than once/year? Depending upon your particular application, typical filter life for an efficient, properly performing dust collector is once every 12 months. If you are changing your filters more frequently your dust collection system may not have been designed appropriately for your application or you are using inferior commodity filters that have poor filtration effectiveness due to depth loading.

ProTura® nanofiber filter media is the proprietary technology from our industry-leading filter supplier, United Air Specialists (UAS).  Independently proven to achieve higher initial efficiency, cleaner air, lower pressure drop and greater energy savings than commodity filter media, ProTura nanofiber is the standard technology that we equip all of our UAS cartridge dust collectors with.

UAS’ nanofiber filters have the highest MERV rating of any standard cartridge dust collection filter. Due to their MERV 15 rating and superior surface loading capability, ProTura nanofiber filters deliver outstanding performance and quality, helping you maximize:

  • Filter replacement savings from lower pressure drop and more effective pulse cleaning cycles that result in up to double the filter life and half the replacement costs
  • Compressed air savings due to the nanofiber media’s surface loading capability which allows dust to be easily dislodged during cleaning since it doesn’t embed within the filter media
  • Energy savings from reduced pressure build up resulting in reduced energy requirement to operate your system
  • Cleaner air from significantly reduced outlet emissions leading to a cleaner and healthier work environment

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UAS ProTura® Outperforms the Competition

As proof that UAS filters can be successfully used in competitors equipment and achieve superior system performance over the original OEMs filters, we sold ProTura filters to a New England-based manufacturing company to replace the OEM filters in their Donaldson Torit equipment – 2 DFO units and 2 DFT units.

This customer first recognized the quality and effectiveness of UAS products after installing an SFC downward flow dust collector with a VFD for an abrasive, heavily dust laden process and compared it to their existing DFO installation. The ProTura filter technology coupled with the VFD offered a solution that allowed the customer to achieve tremendous filter life and reduced the customer’s energy costs.

The switch to ProTura filters in all of their existing Donaldson Torit dust collectors saved our customer 20% upfront on filter costs and they are getting longer filter life with the ProTura filters in the Donaldson Torit equipment than they did with the original OEM Ultra-Web® filters. Clearly, the new SFC system along with the ProTura filters in the SFC and in the Torit equipment outperformed the Donaldson Torit OEM filters while also providing the customer with tremendous cost savings.

For comparison, the information in the table below shows that UAS ProTura Nanofiber is over 50% more efficient than DonaldsonTorit Ultra-Web within the particle size range of 0.3 – 1.0 µm and ProTura maintains superior efficiency in all particle size ranges from 1.0 – 10.0 µm. This data has been verified in independent lab tests.

UAS ProTura lab tests

Cost Savings Calculator: Use this free online tool to estimate the total annual energy and operational cost savings you can expect with the exceptional performance of ProTura® Nanofiber cartridge filters.

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