Industrial Silencers

An integral part of today’s industrial process and ventilation systems, industrial fans, blowers, and compressors are leading causes of noise problems. If unaddressed, these issues can lead to health and safety concerns, as well as environmental regulation violation.

Industrial silencers are engineered to control noise in specific applications, and can alleviate problems in work facilities. Nauset Engineering partners with the leading manufacturers of industrial silencers and noise control systems to create the most reliable noise control solutions.

Our application experience with industrial silencers includes a broad range of installations including equipment such as:

  • Fan Silencers
  • Duct Silencers
  • Blower Silencers
  • Sound Enclosures

Industrial Silencer Manufacturers

We represent the leading manufacturers of innovative noise control solutions. Our full selection of products meets the needs and requirements of a variety of industries and facilities.

McGill AirSilence, LLC –
McGill AirSilence LLC produces noise control solutions for a vast array of industrial and HVAC applications. McGill offers a diversified line of acoustical products, as well as a full-time acoustical engineering team, an NVLAP® accredited testing laboratory, and a manufacturing facility for the production of acoustical products.

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